estil Dialinspec S.A - ECUADOR

Quality Control

The main strength of DIALINSPEC SA is the high quality of the fruit we use.

We packed the fruit with a rigorous age control (9 weeks to 12 weeks old), totally green fruit packed with calibrations of 39 to 46 degrees or with aspect of almonds completely chalk (white), 8-inch minimum length.


The fruit shouldn’t have scars, bruises or deformed fingers; it should be a completely flawless fruit. In weight we packed according to customer demand.


DIALINSPEC SA has a technical team distributed in all production areas, to maintain a rigorous quality control of the fruit in the field. This team verifies that each farm where we are going to cut the fruit maintain a good crop management and an efficient and technical control of Black Sigatoka, only under these circumstances the court order is given, where the quality parameters the fruit should have are specified. In the days of cutting, field technicians visit the banana packing verifying the quality of the fruit that is, processing, packing and also advising, such as using chemicals and inputs used in the process. Additionally, we work with quality evaluators from internationally certified companies, such as COTECNA OF ECUADOR, FELVENZA.

Charging Ports

Monitoring does not end when the fruit is packed, it ends by giving the fruit in shipping ports such as: Puerto de Guayaquil, Puerto Bolivar (the province of El Oro) that are the main boarding ports.


To produce bananas we select the best seeds and the best varieties of (CAVENDIS) to get the expected quality fruit and high yields per hectare.


It is done in optimal lands for banana cultivation with complete infrastructure, we began with populations of banana of 1500 to 1400 per hectare.


Foliar sub irrigations, drainage, tertiary and water collectors for disposal waterings.